Plug Valve Repair Kits

Plug Valve Repair KitsPlug Valve Repair Kits

National Flow Technologies, LLC high pressure plug valve kits are tough, field proven-units that provide dependable service for applications such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking), flowback, cementing, drill outs, plug catchers, and sand control. Kits are currently available in 2″ sizes and in pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi NSCWP. Compatible with all brands of 1502 LT plug valves, these 2×2 rebuild kits are designed with two key advantages:

1) Assemble faster, smoother, and easier (providing for quicker turnarounds and less time in the shop)

2) Last longer in the field. NFT’s combination of surface and core treatments provide greater wear resistance, smoother sealing surfaces, and better-than-O.E.M. specifications.

All Plug Valve Repair kits are 100% American-made in Dover, Ohio of the finest steel and iron available. The quality and tolerances are of the highest standard. Our goal of perfection for every part is unmatched.

We stock Plug Valve Repair Kits and are ready to ship when you call. To start your journey with us, contact us today.

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Plug Valve Repair Seal KitsRepair and Seal Kits

National Flow Technologies, LLC repair kits and seal kits contain all the parts necessary to rebuild valves in the field or in the shop. Made in the U.S.A to the same specifications as O.E.M. seals, our seal kits are designed for perfect operation every time. We understand downtime is NOT an option. We stock seal kits ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

To start your journey with us, contact us today.

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